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F&I Software designed to increase PVR

Our software was created with the sole purpose of increasing profit in the F&I office.

What we offer

The tools and software needed to increase profit in your F&I Department

We do one thing and one thing only. We help dealerships and F&I Managers increase profit in the finance office. This focus allows us to create products that truly increase profitability in the business office. We'll leave sales, service, and marketing to the other guys.


The F&I Menu that puts profitability first

The majority of F&I Menu's look and feel the same. GeniusMenu™ fixes that. Designed with F&I Managers in mind, our F&I Menu can be customized in dozens of different formats, options, stylings, and tools. The software can be accessed right on our website, for free. Click Here to start using GeniusMenu™ today!


Inform consumers and create opportunity

Our "Right To Know" worksheet provides your customer with information on their vehicles manufacturer warranty and allows an avenue for you to segue into your F&I Menu. Simply enter the VIN number of the vehicle your customer is purchasing and our software will provide an easy to understand guide for the consumer to read.


Track performance and watch productivity soar

Chart your success with software that tracks your F&I performance and goals. Our intuitive web based app allows F&I Managers to track their performance by: Setting goals, tracking how far you are away from benchmarks at any given moment, seeing where you rank among your peers, viewing downtrends and more.

How we help

A robust F&I platform, built with intelligence

In a market full of software that does the exact same thing, we asked F&I Managers "what do you really need?" And then we made it.

Simplified Menu Creation

Drag & drop F&I products. Adjust packages. Play with color options. Add tags & features.

Free To Try

Our software is 100% free to try. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Track Performance

Create goals, watch trends, find out which products you struggle with the most.

Beautiful Charting

From consumer worksheets to tracking performance, use our charting to increase PVR.

Faster transaction approval

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Support available 24/7

Chat with us on our website, Call us at 855-212-1765, or send us an email

Our one and only focus is F&I. For too long dealerships have relied on software that claims to do it all. Service, Sales, Marketing, F&I, you name it. But one size rarely fits all. We believe that specialty software is the future of profitability and that is what we provide.

Ryan Daniel
President, FMT
Connect and sync

Easily integrate with your most important apps

DealerTrack, RouteOne, CDK, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our software is currently Free while in Beta testing. Enjoy! To view pricing of our F&I School, click here.
We are working with DMS providers to provide integration.

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Dealer Genius is dedicated to improving the performance of F&I Managers across the world.

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